Bring Me The Horizon

Following last year's triumphant (and somewhat unexpected) Sonisphere performance and this year's formidable mammoth UK tour alongside Parkway Drive, Architects and The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me The Horizon have come to be recognised as one of the best live bands in Britain. This year's Download performance was no exception and only cemented this reputation further.

Opening with a crushing 'Alligator Blood' the band kicked off to fire from all cylinders, the 'let's play a game of Russian roulette' refrain immediately stamping their mark on Donington Park. This leading into brutal fan-favourite 'Diamonds Aren't Forever' continued the bludgeoning while the band played with a genuine fire. Frontman Oli Sykes' humorous stage-talk, "I want to see the biggest circle-pit of the day, If I don't we're not playing Pray for Plagues", cue a giant circle-pit and a brilliantly bone-crushing performance of the old-school favourite, added to the genuine sense of moment and showmanship. Visually the band have it truly nailed as well, with guitarist Jonah Weinhofen climbing the entire length of the stage to play the breakdown of 'Chelsea Smile' on top of the screen and the rest of the band jumping on and off speaker stacks in front of a unique backdrop. It's a winning mix of brutality and fun with a fan dressed as Scooby Doo screaming along on 'Football Season Is Over' and powered smoke shooters firing all over the place, the band leave the stage with the crowd fully frenzied.
One of the weekend's best performances from a band who continue to prove their relevance.