Kicking off Download 2011 was never going to be an easy task but it's one that D.R.U.G.S took on with sheer enthusiasm and opened the weekend's proceedings with an exciting bang.

Having been a band for barely a year, it's impressive how natural the band were on a large festival stage, Craig Owens proving himself a formidable frontman with his vocal lines infusing genuine unpredictability with total ferocity. His bandmates put in an equally powerful performance with the heaviness of their instrumentation carrying brilliantly from record to the live setting.

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Opening with the massive shout-along 'The Only Thing You Talk About', the band hit the ground running on a furious level before diving headfirst into the giant chorus of 'Sex Life' spurring a huge and early sing-a-long. Being able to urge a swelling crowd to roar your lyrics back at you while being one of the first bands of the weekend is no small feat and as a result it seems with such early performances as this the band are already making quite a name for themselves.

This was a great performance to kick-start a brilliant weekend and, on this evidence, this time next year D.R.U.G.S could be a rather big prospect indeed.

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