Your Demise

Following the jaw-dropping performance of Letlive, Your Demise faced one of the toughest tasks of the weekend. Most other bands would have crumbled under the pressure but the Hertfordshire hardcore crew aren't most other bands and passed the sternest of tests with aplomb.

Hitting the ground running with a ferocious 'MMX', the band made the absolute most of the situation. The anthemic sing-a-longs that greeted the choruses of 'The Kids We Used To Be...' and 'Miles Away' were deafening, frontman Ed McRae dripping buckets of cool while the band's enthusiasm was undeniable, all whipping the crowd easily into a frenzy . Bringing out The Devil Wears Prada's Mike Hranica on 'Shine On' brought a joyously brutal feel to the set while following this with a re-appearance of Letlive's Jason Butler on the furiously melodic 'Life of Luxury' resulted in a brilliant layering of sounds and emotions. Finishing with bruising anthem 'Burnt Tongues' the entire tent went crazy with everyone within it shouting the 'look me in the eyes, swallow your pride' refrain with a genuine passion, leaving all, both on stage and off, with a huge grin plastered across their faces.

Many bands would have faltered after seeing what had come before them but Your Demise's ability to still pull out one of the best sets of the weekend only goes to cement their reputation as one of the most exciting young bands around.