Reincarnation of Cobain

Sonisphere 2011 are kicked off by the London based, Japanese Voyeurs on Friday at the Bohemia Stage. The tent is not packed by any means, but considering its only 3pm and one of the biggest days in modern metal history, the turnout is reasonable. The band blasts off straight away with their chugging guitars and shrieking vocals filled 90's grunge.

The ear drum blasting vocals are provided by a petit Romily Alice, delivering a very strongly Nirvana influenced grunge. The crowd is very sober and very quiet, but Japanese Voyeurs continue through their setlist and the crowd is slowly swayed; probably because Romily is not giving up and will continue her guitar chugging and serious headbanging until each person in the tent is swayed.

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A definite highlight would be the convincing cover of Nine Inch Nails' 'Closer'. With the legendary chorus being belted out by this quiet and sweet looking young lady, this is a great start to the weekend.

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