Sonic Boom Six

Playing to the packed out Rock Sound+Macbeth tent on the Friday night of Hevy Fest, genre-mashing party-starters Sonic Boom Six get everyone dancing and in the mood for a fun weekend ahead.

Bouncy anthems like 'New Style Rocka' and a particularly trail-blazing 'Kids of the Multi Culture' get the steadily intoxicated crowd skanking and grooving over every corner of the tent, mixing elements of ska, grime, metal and punk to stellar effect.

Despite some technical difficulties, vocalist Laila K's humorous banter alongside bassist and co-vocalist Barney Boom keeps the party atmosphere high and makes sure to keep the dancing alive at a good pace. Jokes are told, a great message is projected and a great time is had by all.

Having been on the live circuit for a good amount of time now, the band have honed themselves well and if they continue at this speed could see a bright future ahead of them yet. If you're looking for something a bit different that has a strong sense of purpose then this band are for you.