With their soulful take on rock n' roll and distinctly British flavour, not to mention having the likes of Gallows Stu Gili-Ross among their ranks, Watford's Spycatcher play to an expectant and busy tent on the wet Saturday afternoon of Hevy Fest and impress the punters with a batch of their uplifting yet unforgivingly honest tales of love, youth and disillusionment.

Frontman Steve Sears is a nervous flurry of energy while his band prove just how tight they've become even at this early stage, guitarist Drew Elliot and drummer Will Taylor putting in particularly sterling performances, as a result the songs go down an absolute storm. Opener 'Tabs' is a keyboard-driven slice of everyday life while frustrated anthem 'Don't Like People' really gets things going with sing-a-longs and dancing being sparked all over the tent. Sears and guitarist/keyboardist Mitch Mitchener's occasional instrument switching adds to the excitement as the choruses of 'Good Times' and 'Livewire' resound within the eardrums, it's a refreshing show for both ears and eyes. At times the sound on Sears vocals does waver but this is of no fault of the band and their sheer enthusiasm allows you to easily ignore it.

As this performance proves, Spycatcher are a very exciting new band within the British rock spectrum and well worth your time, be sure to catch them on the Rock Sound Riot Tour this Winter.