Touche Amore

It's a golden period for hardcore at the moment, although many bands remain who simply follow the usual formula, there are bands who are doing new, refreshing and downright exciting things with this area of music, one of those such bands is California's Touche Amore, who's new album 'Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me' is a real journey of a record, speaking of the truth about life's many hardships but finding the strength to power through them.

Much like equally vital peers Defeater and La Dispute, the band haven't been over to our shores too much yet so it's an understatement to say people are excited and this is shown perfectly by the fact that one can not only not enter the Rock Sound+Macbeth tent but indeed get anywhere near it there are so many people there to see them play. What can be seen however is quite the sight to behold with the audience singing every line pointed their way with perfect unison and timing from opener 'Tilde' onwards, the band completely involved with both their music and their audience while the furious catharsis of hardcore anthems-in-waiting like 'Home Away From Here' juxtaposes strikingly with the gentle nature of frontman Jeremy Bolm.

It feels like a genuine triumph and strongly suggests that this band are already way up the road towards important things. One of the best sets of the weekend, if you want your music vital in this day and age you have to check these guys out.