We Are The Ocean

Having emerged as one of the leading lights of young British Rock music over the past two years, We Are The Ocean are doing extremely well for themselves following the release of April's great "Go Now And Live" record. As the sunlight stands high over Hevy Fest's main arena the band take to the stage in front of a hardcore contingent within the festival collective and open with a massive sounding 'What It Feels Like' complete with huge sing-a-long. Co-vocalists Dan Brown and Liam Cromby's charming stage banter adds a genuinely humble sense to proceedings and the enthusiasm they share with the rest of the band blends this with a real excitement, particularly when Brown strides all the way over to and onto the sound desk opposite the stage during a bruising 'Confessions' before crowd-surfing all the way back again. The way the band has experimented with their sound throughout their releases really shines through today and the twisting post-hardcore stylings of old favourite 'Nothing Good Has Happened Yet' stands well against the uplifting almost-Americana feel of new single 'Runaway'. Frustrating to have to keep banging on about it but again the sound does waver slightly and occasional moments are lost in the breeze but luckily this is only minor and the likes of 'The Waiting Room' and the killer aforementioned 'Confessions' sound wonderful in the late afternoon air. The quintet are proving everywhere that they're a force to be reckoned with and this only added more justification to this statement, they're going places no doubt about it.