Having become real cult favourites over the past ten years with their unique mix of pop-punk, rock, metal and hip-hop stylings, Zebrahead provide a totally fun and uplifting party atmosphere on the Sunday afternoon of Hevy Fest.

Kicking off with a bouncing 'Rescue Me' the band are so full of energy they must have been eating jelly beans all night, frontman Ali Tabatabaee's stage banter is brilliant and the likes of new single 'Ricky Bobby' and the ever-great 'Anthem' go down a storm with crowd-surfers galore. Members of the band's crew run around stage in tiger costumes, following through on their promise of 'masturbating tigers' (read the interview, you'll understand) and water cannons are turned on the audience like missile launchers, it's a really great show and one that stays firmly in the memory.

Following the party-starting likes of 'Playmate of The Year' and 'The Set-Up', the band leave the audience to enjoy large smiles and plenty more beer, probably a whole lot more of it. A ludicrously fun and care-free moment of the weekend, be sure to pick up the band's new album "Get Nice!" which has just hit stores.