The Xcerts own the stage

When it comes to opening the stage for a band like Buckinghamshire quintet Young Guns, there is no better choice than Scottish trio The Xcerts.

Don't be deceived by the butter wouldn't melt look that these guys may appear to put across as when it comes to playing and performing, they are pure rock. As far as demonstrating some talented guitar playing, there is none other than Murray to make your ears ache. His ability to play at such speed, depth and at such sharpness is ear piercing and screeching; at some points it could have easily made you wince. This is particularly notable when the band performed tracks such as 'Do You Feel Safe' from their second album release "Scatterbrain".

Having seen the band perform on numerous occasions over the last few years, you can see how much they have evolved as a band. Not only has lead vocalist Murray become much more confident as a singer, but also as a performer, really letting himself go on the stage. His guitar playing has also developed at an unbelievable level as the second album demonstrates. These three have certainly got a bond that shines through their music.

The Xcerts were gratefully surprised at just how many individuals in the crowd had previously heard of them and seen them at other venues and by the sounds of screams of the crowd, they would have been more than happy to get The Xcerts continue their set well into the evening.