8th Time Luckie support Attack! Attack! at Islington's O2 Academy

Considering 8th Time Luckie was the last support band to take to the stage before the headliners, there was some small disappointment regarding just how enjoyable, enthusiastic and entertaining their set was. The support acts before them managed to entertain the crowd perfectly, they encouraged their support whether it be clapping or singing, or just having a giggle. Unfortunately, as 8th Time Luckie took to the stage and performed, there was something that just didn't sit well, they appeared reluctant to really let go and do the best they could.

One reason this set seemed less engaging than previous, could be due to the fact there was only one vocal singing. The songs only had one voice to keep them going, no supportive backing vocal to round the songs into something wonderful. With just this one dominant vocal, songs that could have been breathtaking to listen to were bland and moderate. Of course there was also the distraction of the guitarists outfit. For this evening, he wore zebra print trousers and a white polo shirt, which for some could have been a distraction from the stage performance (and was at times). This aside, there was just nothing exceptional, nothing that stood out or made your eyes pop open with the WOW! factor.

Although 8th Time Luckie may have given their best to make this set the best they could, it failed to really grasp the consciousness and made the crowd yearn for the main act.