Warm Me Up

Bridgend five piece Colours of One are on form tonight; blasting straight into a set of warm anthemic rock that gets feet tapping in no time. The Crowd is a little sparse on this Sunday night, at one of Cardiff University's smaller venues, but there is more than one gig going on here tonight so the crowd is split between two of the three stages.

Regardless of how full the venue is or what day of the week it is the lads are consummate professionals and do a fantastic job of warming up for Attack! Attack! with front man Mike Simmonds tailoring his on stage banter nicely to the 14+ audience, and it's clear even from the pit that the band has great chemistry, which translates easily to their on stage presence. They move about on stage well, obviously getting into their groove a few songs in and that's when the crowd begin to wake up too, the atmosphere moves up a notch and by the time they get to the half way mark heads are bobbing all over the venue and the cheers after each track are getting bigger.

On this night it's a case of the support being a far juicier prospect that the main act; kudos to the Colours Of One boys for producing a great set to warm us up on this gloomy Sunday night.