ASIWYFA at Swn 2011

Belfast based post-rockers And So I Watch You From Afar don't mess about, they just get right into the tunes and the huge crowd that has quickly amassed to watch them are spellbound immediately. The photographers in the pit at the front are disappointed as the stage goes pitch black, coloured bars of blue and orange neon is all the light we get and occasionally a blast of flashes from the strobe; this is a moody stage to accompany ASIWYFA's huge and beautiful noise.

Post-rock is always a treat to hear live as those intense walls of sound at top volume never cease to send shivers up your spine and there is no exception tonight, in fact, the three piece have an extra guitarist on board for tonight's set and it ramps up their sound even more, but what is always a pleasure with this band is that their brand of post-rock is so upbeat and warm and tonight, that warmth spreads a smile throughout the crowd and many can be seen with huge grins on their faces or rocking out with their eyes shut, just letting the music wash over them blissfully.

The band moves energetically around the stage, rocking out and getting lost in their own music and they impress with a skilful performance, making all those complex riffs look and sound easy; it's an assured and wholly satisfying performance and one of the best of the festival so far.