We Came as Romans shine above others

Hailing from Michigan USA, We Came As Romans took to the stage at Camden's Electric Ballroom as if it was their own headline tour and not as support for Alesana.

These guys made an impression from the minute they entered the stage. They had such confidence as they stood and cheered on the crowd, and they returned their appreciation with screams, cheers and some manic movements as well as plenty of crowd surfing. As We Came As Romans began performing, they owned the stage for the 30 minutes and they were Kings of music and the crowd bowed down to them.

The bands consists of two vocalists, David Stephens, who took centre stage with the gruffer unclean vocals of the duo and Kyle Pavone who had the sweeter sounding singing voice. As individuals, both are passionate in their own way, but together they made a perfect duo, passionate yet antagonistic while demonstrating perseverance and determination to make their 30 minutes in the spotlight some of the most memorable the crowd was going to experience that evening. In a similar way musicians like The Blackout has make the British gig goers go nuts in recent years, it looks like the Americans are able to pull it off just as well.

The crowd went nuts over We Came As Romans with one guy going a little too far in his appreciation and needing to be helped outside limping, later insisting on returning to see the end of the performance. The set concluded with both vocalists standing at the front of the crowd, nearly being pulled among the masses, singing amazingly and really getting the crowd ready for the upcoming band, Alesana.