The Ocean's Eyes go bonkers!

When The Ocean's Eyes took to the stage at Kings College Student's Union supporting Room 94, the reaction from the crowd was deafening with screams, which really shows how much support they had in the building.

The atmosphere tightened when the five-piece kicked in with their blend of alternative punk rock, screaming the lyrics to the crowd and having them scream the words back as they performed tracks from their debut EP Lions and their recent release Lost Along The Way. When it came to the stage performance of The Ocean's Eyes, they believe in not holding back, giving it all they have no matter how sweaty they got or how crazy their antics appear to be. In this instance, climbing up onto the speakers and yelling the song lyrics to the crowd from a great height of course this type of behaviour made the crowd below scream even louder.

There is something to be said for the vocals when these guys perform. There is a contributing vocal from the guitarist that when combined with the lead vocal, seems to build the songs atmosphere making it much more fulfilled and jam-packed with sound and emotion. This united element made the show more enjoyable and more memorable.

The band's debut EP Lions can be downloaded for FREE from their
Facebook page.