8th Time Luckie go back to school

Some bands instantly take off into the high life and are swarmed by hundreds of followers everywhere they go. Others fail to impress no matter how often they play and how long they try to make it in the music industry. When it comes to 8th Time Luckie, you can really see how much hard work, dedication and talent has gone into bettering themselves and learning as they play. This being the second time having seen them live, it is quite easy to see how much they have grown as a band over the last six months.

As they took to the stage at Kings College Students Union supporting Room 94 on the last night of their Loud Noises Spring Tour, their sound appeared much tighter and overall stage performance more energetic and lively than previously experienced. They really let themselves enjoy the night rather than just playing in a very stationary position as before. Having said that, their one vocal contribution still remains the bands greatest fall back. A little more of a united vocal would be energetic, engage the crowd that little bit more and sound much more fulfilling.

8th Time Luckie is going to be one of those bands that progress each and every time you see them perform live, so here is looking forward to their future tour dates.