The Cape Race kick off proceedings with a rock solid rock performance elevated by their captivating and charismatic singer David Moloney. Reaching an unusual peak mid set with anthemic The Reprieve And Now, Voyager eliciting a mild crowd response.

Following on from this are (ME), who sound like an eccentric young modern era Silverchair. Especially when the lead singer Luke makes use of his great falsetto voice. They are particularly strong when they all jump aboard the same riff as each other.

Xcerts come on stage to modest applause and open with Do You Feel Safe which rocks louder than the support acts despite Xcerts having fewer members. Bassist Jordan Smith uses bass chords to good effect thickening out their sound. It is however the use of quiet/loud dynamics that truly sets them apart from the supporting acts tonight. It is easy to forget just how tight the rhythm section of Smith and Tom Heron are but throughout the performance you can see them time and time again as they lock in together effortlessly. Guitarist/singer Murray Macleod sounds like a Scottish Jamie Lenman, of Reuben fame, particularly in new song Shaking In The Water. Which despite a tame response from the crowd turns out to be a set highlight. Surprisingly it was the quieter moments of tonight's performance that really shone through and garnered a response from such a reserved crowd. The final song, a solo rendition of Aberdeen 1987, provoking a sing a long finish.

So without having much enthusiasm conveyed back to the bands on tonight, there appeared to be very little for energy for them to work off and because of this the gig suffered. Despite the good quality of musicianship on display the show ultimately failed to ignite with some audience members electing to sit around the sides of the venue for the duration.