Paige return to Islington

Pop punk quintet Paige recently joined The Hype Theory and New Riot as third co-headliner at the O2 Academy 2 Islington, on The Big Cheese Tour 2012.

As they made their way to the stage, set up their equipment and got ready to rock, there may not have been an overabundance of individuals waiting in the wings, but there were more than enough music enthusiasts and admirers to make it an exciting and energy driven set performance and one the fans would appreciate and applause.

The band performed a variety of hits this evening, some from their 2008 EP If You Say So as well as a couple of new tracks to tease the audience with what else they have in store with their upcoming album. One of many great things about this quartet is the way their voices join together when singing. Although bassist Lewis White appeared to be the main vocal contributor, guitarist Arthur Walwin did lend his voice at times and the pair's vocals sat alongside each other like two peas in a pod.

When it comes to putting their all into a performance, Paige certainly understood what was expected and what was needed to get the job done right. So much so that Lewis could barely see and spent much of the performance with his eyes closed and stinging from all the sweat dripping off his forehead.

The London based five piece is set to release their first full length album later in the year and after this energetic and driven performance, we can't wait!