These City Lights play London

These City Lights first formed back in late 2010 and have since been sharing their music with as many people as they could, this means touring constantly and releasing their debut EP Where We Stand as a free download from Bandcamp.

They recently hopped on tour with the like of Kids Can't Fly and concluded the tour with a night at the O2 Academy 2 Islington. Although the venue was only partially occupied when they took to the stage, These City Lights had no problem going all out with their performance of tracks such as Breathe. As they set upon sharing their own pop punk rock sound, blasting guitars and pounding drums, lead vocalist Aaron Paxton went all out and used all the available space to demonstrate his enthusiasm and energetic nature for his band's music. This not only included jumping into the crowd, wandering back and forth and jumping about but climbing onto the speakers and holding on to the ceiling lighting and swinging like an animal from the venues stage railings. He refused to remain in one spot and was all over the place with his performance making it one of interest.

It was this liveliness and get-up-and-give-them-hell attitude that made the bands performance for the evening so energetic and entertaining. If you haven't heard their EP, it is suggested you download it now!