Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Knebworth House

As you stepped foot into the grounds of Knebworth House you were hit with an air of excitement. The anticipation in people's eyes was noticeable a mile a way, as they eagerly waited to see one of the biggest band's of our time; Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The boys quickly launched into new song Monarchy Of The Roses, maybe not the best opening song, but it was followed by Dani California and Otherside by the time they'd finished the first three tracks they had the entire audience; around 50,000 people, eating out of the palm of their hands.

New guitarist Josh Klinghoffer must have been feeling the pressure, you know all eyes were on him during RHCP's hits to see if he truly could fill Frusciante's shoes, and I'm glad to say, the boy did good. He put his own twist on Californication and Under The Bridge without completely removing them from their original sound. Being the youngest band member, he was by far the most energetic person on stage, darting around like a maniac. It took a while to get used to him being there, with the others all pushing 50, Kilnghoffer did look a little out of place.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers played a mixed set list, yes, it covered new and old material, but it seemed like some classic songs were missing. Of course, they played their timeless anthems such as By The Way, Give It Away and Californication.

Overall, Red Hot Chili Peppers put on a stellar performance, and showed why they have had such a long and successful career. It was just a shame that songs like Scar Tissue did not feature in their set, but I don't think one person left Knebworth House disappointed with the night's performance.