Bye Bye Not Advised...hello Natives!

After years of touring the country, playing live show after live show as well as selling thousands of records and YouTube hits, Not Advised decided to change their name for their upcoming debut album release - their name has become Natives.

After first seeing these guys perform at the O2 Academy 2 Islington back in 2007, it was obvious from this set that with a new name comes a much more mature sound and confident performance. Each of the members was active on stage, really getting into the mind set of their music and drifting into their own stage performance. Lead vocalist Jim was the main musician that appeared to have grown over the years. Jim appeared to be a new vocalist on stage, not the same hood covered timid singer that we saw five years ago. When he performed he let his inner animal free and really went for it. His confidence is strong and his performance mind blowing.

During this live set at London's XOYO, the crowd were fully engaged and couldn't get enough of the band. There were a few eager fans jumping and singing along to the band's upbeat material, such as the new upbeat single This Island. With each and every song from the upbeat natured tunes as well as the softer songs, the band gave it their all and did remarkably well. Although they were the support acts for this evening, for Natives it was their opportunity to showcase their new sound and by the reaction of the crowd, these guys have quite a future ahead of them.