Neil Jackson - Album Preview Show

Neil Jackson will be name familiar with TV addicts, but now he's decided to change pace and take on the world of music.

The Troubadour played host to an intimate but busy gig which gave Jackson the chance to showcase songs from his album The Little Things. There's a long and often embarrassing list of attempts of actors trying their hand at music, so it was hard to know what to expect from the night.

Jackson has some extremely likeable and accessible songs such as Gonna Have To Change and Falling In Love. The majority of his songs have a similar sound and flowed seamlessly, there are limitations to the extent of Jackson's voice and this was sometimes noticeable; but for the most part he seemed to have a good knowledge of his vocal range and his songs were well suited to his abilities.

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I was pleasantly surprised by Jackson's music, they were well written and had a personal touch. Being new to performing, there were a couple of moments when Jackson didn't look overly confident on the tiny stage; especially when faced with an uber fan yelling out from the front of the club.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by what Jackson brought to the table, and after a couple more shows, I'm sure he'll look more than comfortable on stage.

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