An Evening With They Might Be Giants

It has been a busy year for They Might Be Giants (TMBG) but as 2013 begins to wind down Shepherds Bush Empire was taken over by a special blend of Brooklyn nerd-core.

When TMBG stepped out on stage, it was almost instantly obvious that the crowd was in for more than just a band playing songs; it was going to be a performance, a spectacle.

You're On Fire kicked of the evening's entertainment armed with a projector and light show, TMBG wasted no time in taking over multiple senses. TMBG got plenty of laughs from the audience with their onstage jokes and antics, despite them sounding pitch perfect live, the best thing about their show was watching how much fun they were having on stage. They've been doing it for over 30 years, and seemed to be having as much fun now as they were in the early days.

Their set list went deep into their back catalogue, meaning they played a song for everyone who had braved the cold to see them. My personal highlight was New York City which was played to perfection.

Having never seen TMBG in a live setting I had a lot of hope pinned on the evening, and the duo did not disappoint. TMBG were entertaining and engaging throughout their two-hour show, a wide range of songs were played from their extensive back catalogue and they treated the crowd to a double encore, even when the show ended it was clear that everyone wanted more.

An Evening With They Might Be Giants proved exactly why their career has lasted more than 30 years, they put on a stellar live show and it is a gig I will remember for years to come. The kids of today could learn a thing or two from the two John's.