Zebrahead - Walk The Plank Tour

Californian rockers Zebrahead wasted no time in getting the party started at they stepped onto the Brooklyn Bowl stage to the sound of Gangnam Style blaring out of the speakers, with a flashing, dancing Psy toy on top of one of the amps.

The band quickly launched into the punchy track, Rescue Me which seemed to have the entire crowd jumping about within a couple of seconds, setting the perfect precedent for the rest of Zebrahead’s set.

Zebrahead played a good mix of fan favourites and new tracks, showing off their knack of turning new tunes into crowd-pleasers. Zebrahead did not miss a beat and know how to work a stage, with both Matty Lewis and Ali Tabatabaee ensuring the crowd was involved.

Opening act Man With A Mission were invited to the stage to provide guest vocals on Devil On My Shoulders which was one of the highlights of the band’s set. Other highlights included Save Your Breath and closing number Anthem.

Man With A Mission was not the opening act to take to the stage; Patent Pending’s Marc Kantor once again acted as stage barman and provided backing vocals throughout the band’s set. Also welcomed to the stage were “The Germans” - two crew guys who are made to chug beer on stage either to chants of “chug, chug!” or the cheery styling of Drink, Drink, a fun little ditty which has become a staple of Zebrahead’s set.

Overall, this was an evening full of great music, and entertainment. Between Patent Pending and Zebrahead everyone in attendance at Brooklyn Bowl enjoyed a fun and friendly show which was extremely enjoyable for all. Zebrahead reminded the crowd that they know how to put on a great show; they played good music, and did their best to make sure that everyone had a smile on their face.