An acoustic evening with Wednesday 13

When it comes to acoustic shows, they are not for everyone. Some fans like the madness and mayhem of a live performance, jumping within the crowd and feeling the buzz of the loud instruments. Others fans are quite content to see their favourite bands take things down a notch and play something with a little more heart and soul. The same can be said for the musician, while most can hack a lively set full of music and dramatic stage antics, others are not equipped to take things back to basics and just sit on a stall with a guitar, sharing their heartfelt lyrics with a few hundred fans staring at them.

When it comes to Wednesday 13, this is a man that has a talent for both. He has been the front man of many bands and given it his all when supported by backing musicians; he is incredibly energetic and passionate about what he is doing. However, when you strip it all back, remove the pounding guitars and drums and wipe away the make-up and black clothing you are left with Wednesday 13 on a stall (with Roman his guitarist) and a very intimate musical experience.

It was incredible to hear his back catalogue of tunes performed. There were tracks from the Murderdolls such as Nowhere, Welcome to the Strange and Summertime Suicide to My Demise and Dead Carolina from his Skeletons album, F**k You (Dixie Dead) , Home Sweet Homicide and Curse of Me (Fang Bang) and the most memorable being from Transylvania 90210 (God is a Lie, I Walked with a Zombie and Bad Things). It’s no surprise to hear that the track that got the fans most involved was I Like To Say F**K.

The acoustic sets that Wednesday 13 develops stand out from other bands for the fact that he actually participates in conversations with them. He doesn’t just sit on stage, perform the tracks he has set out to sing and then walks off. This musician sits back, tells stories about his experiences in recording (including a car crash), performing and how he came about to write several of the tracks; the story behind I Love To Say F**k for instance was quite humorous. He also opens the floor to the crowd to see if they would like to ask any questions and responds to as many as time permits.

Wednesday 13 is not just a performer of loud and lively music when supported by backing musicians; he is also a performer of excellent acoustic sets. If you have never seen Wednesday 13 perform, whether it be live and loud or acoustic, then it is an experience you are missing out on.

After the success of last year’s Halloween spectacular, Wednesday 13 has announced yet another Halloween Weekend of Horrors for 2016 at the London Garage, playing a special Halloween performance on October 28th while October 29th celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Fang Bang. Tickets for last year’s events SOLD OUT so get yours while you can!