2016's Current Shining Stars

After the unfortunate withdrawal of Black Tongue from the Sylosis/Decapitated bill, a band who have been surging in to the consciousness of every Metalhead in early 2016 were able to capitalise on the space vacated on the Southern dates. The King Is Blind have released one of the better albums this year, and we’re sure that they’re about to kick on in to new and unknown territory. The doors for the show were open pretty early, but there was a substantial queue outside beforehand. Of course the pedigree of Sylosis and Decapitated encouraged this, but it would be no exaggeration to say that a lot of those who got down early were there excited to see The King Is Blind strut their groovy stuff as well.

The band came on to a good reception, across the venue, and justifiably so as they ripped in to their set with such a fervent energy they really served well as the ‘warm up’ act on the night. The core of the set understandably came from recent release Our Father with each track sounding even bigger than they did on record. By the time the show had come to its conclusion though, their place on the bill meant so much more than the ‘warm up’ guys. They’ve got this heavy menacing level of Death Metal mixed with a phenomenal groove a la Pantera. The more shows they get like this, the higher they’ll raise their profile. 2016 has already been so big for this band, and we’re very excited where the next couple of chapters will take them.