Staticland Live In Camden

The Black Heart was a hot little sweat box on Monday night as Jeff Angell rolled into town as part of his European tour with his latest project; Staticland.

Staticland came together as a result of Duff McKagan’s hiatus from Walking Papers, as he is currently focusing his time on the reunion of the almighty Guns n’ Roses. Angell and key collaborator Benjamin Anderson offered the opportunity by UDR to expand on the sound they had created previously with Walking Papers, which led to the creation of what is now known as Jeff Angell’s Staticland.

Angell and Anderson have been joined by Joshua Fant; who after the show, Angell fondly described as a high school friend who he convinced to come out on the road, and who is still shy when sitting on drums but felt like London was Fant’s best show to date.

Staticland faced some technical difficulties at the top of their set, but once the two false starts were out the way, and the equipment was fixed, the band delivered a near perfect show, which had a good mix of sounds from soul to hard rock.

Angell moved around the venue with a confident swagger, just oozing cool as he dropped smooth yet smouldering vocals. Angell held the crowd’s attention from start to finished, with some people in the room looking completely mesmerised by him.

Phantom Limb proved to be a highlight of their set, the song is incredibly well structured, featuring a heavy bassline and a gritty punk attitude.

It is fair to say that Staticland did not disappoint, and it is hard to imagine that they are such a young band based on the performance given in Camden, the incredibly talented musicians delivered an addictive, dirty slice of rock and roll.