Rowdy In The Roundhouse

Since the release of Ascendancy in 2005 and the subsequent explosion that was it's aftermath, Trivium have been through more than most Metal bands experience in 20+ year careers. There have been outstanding highs and pretty damning lows, and wearing their war wounds with pride they continue to plough onwards, marking each year off as a brand new chapter in the Trivium lore. 2017 will be all about continuing to take themselves out on the road in support of 2015's Silence In The Snow which had a pretty varied reception on release. This is all good news to us because as far as we're concerned, the hit and miss nature of Trivium on record doesn't translate live at all, rather they've always been consistently powerful.

The tenth anniversary of Ascendancy two years ago has allowed the band to be quite generous with including tracks from it in their live shows and tonight was no different. Opening with Rain the place absolutely exploded in to a frenzy within twenty seconds of the first note being hit. What followed was a set which touched on every studio release in their back catalogue - when it comes to a band this size headlining a date somewhere like The Roundhouse, this is exactly what you'd hope for as a fan. With that said then, they were able to cherry pick the highlights from each album for the set list, take Vengeance Falls for example, an album which is never going to make it atop any list even from the most ardent Trivium fans, but there's no denying that Strife is an absolute banger worthy of any live set.

Much like with Sikth earlier in the night, the sound was a little quiet initially and the mix was very muddy until about three tracks in when someone must have plugged something in. Thankfully the sound did clear up somewhat because Matt Heafy's voice was probably the most impressive and mature it's ever been, and we've been catching Trivium shows for many, many, years now. Alongside this, Heafy's favourite subject in the big Trivium drummer question was forgotten almost instantly as newbie Alex Bent put in a serious shift. The energy levels across the band were just absolutely pouring out with Paolo as chaotic as ever and Corey Beaulieu continuing his transmogrification in to Slipknot's Mick Thompson.

What was certainly interesting to see at this show as well was the fact that Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr has been replaced as the barnstorming a-bomb in the set by In Waves. Now the reaction to the former of the two was obviously still massive, but the crowd during In Waves was just absolutely bonkers.

Overall then, Trivium delivered an impressive live set, much like they usually do, and whilst even a surge of momentum in the near future will probably do little to expand them beyond headlining venues bigger than this, it is always good to know that Trivium are still flying the flag for Metal and doing so with some strength.