Human Target

Since Room Thirteen last caught Thy Art Is Murder live as the opening band for Parkway Drive's big arse show at Alexandra Palace, we've been desperate to catch them again in a headlining capacity. Looking across the floor at Electric Brixton tonight there were about 1800 people who very much agreed with this trail of thought. If you've ever seen Thy Art Is Murder live before you know that they love to mess around with the pre-show mix, blaring largely 1980's pop bangers triggering cheery circle pits to the likes of Hall & Oates. As soon as the lights dropped and the air raid siren preceding Death Squad Anthem blared across the venue though it felt like the walls were going to cave in. The smoke machine alongside the air raid siren went in to overdrive as the band absolutely launched themselves in to the track taken from their latest record Human Target - in fact smoke machine overdrive is a gross understatement - you were left barely being able to see the person stood directly in front of you. It all added to this tremendous level of menace which as a live spectacle was very powerful indeed. There's something particularly insane about watching a gigantic pit in mere glimpses of heads and flailing limbs as well - incredible opening few minutes.

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When the smoke cleared, the band next launched in to Make America Hate Again which triggered shout-along moments as huge as crowd favourite The Purest Strain Of Hate which followed immediately after. This level of response to the new tunes seemed to give the band even more energy and CJ looking visibly delighted by it. The band sounded characteristically tight and extremely heavy, there's just something about hearing their tracks live which gives them a whole new level of emphasis. Classic example of this is Holy War - many have criticised the production on the record this came from but there can be no complaining when they drop it live.

Absolute highlight of the set came with the insanely vicious Puppet Master. When THAT drop comes in towards the latter part of the track it whips up a level of frenzy your own adrenaline levels struggle to comprehend. The roar from the crowd as this song concluded is testament to this fact.

Overall then, Thy Art Is Murder returned to London and delivered what felt like a wholly triumphant headline, sold out, show - one that emphasised further the rich vein of form this Australian unit are in at the moment. Once this tours packs up, next stop for them on these shores is a Main Stage slot at Download - something that has become simply unmissable.

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