Heads Will Bang

Following the release of their fifth studio record The Sea Of Tragic Beasts via Nuclear Blast towards the latter stages of 2019, Fit For An Autopsy have been hitting the road,this time squeezed firmly into a gigantic bill topped by label mates Thy Art Is Murder. Up to 15/20 minutes before they hit the stage the floor area at Electric Brixton absolutely packed out and you could genuinely feel quite an intense level of anticipation - this is a very popular Deathcore unit indeed, evidenced by the absolute explosion across the room as soon as they kicked in and that first note dropped.

The sound was a little muddy in parts - the battle with it felt ongoing throughout the set with random blasts of raised bass levels and a kick-drum which resembled the same kind of sound you'd achieve by pouring a big bag of minstrels on to a concrete pavement, but perhaps most importantly, it absolutely did not impair the level of energy and pure DRIVE that carried throughout the set. Surely one of the greatest barometers for gauging whether a live set has been enjoyable is the genuine sense that it's gone by in a flash. Whilst fine, they did only have a thirty minute slot, it did feel like it flew by in absolutely no time at all with Joe Badolato's announcement at the end of the set that they were kicking in to their final song of the night met with both a huge groan from the crowd and a heightened level of venom in the size of the pits. The new tracks slotted effortlessly in to the set-list and were greeted by the crowd as strongly as any of the old favourites. Let this review give you the right level of incentive to check this lot should they return soon in a headliner capacity - a longer set with more of the new stuff injected in would be an absolute treat.

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