Originally posted by Tom Donno on 22nd August 2014

The real heroes at a Biohazard gig are the front row. The amount of crowd surfers jumping over their heads throughout the show is phenomenal - and this was no different at The Underworld. We may not have had the same kind of scenes as took place at Bloodstock but as a venue this is just perfect for a band like Biohazard - no fuss, completely chaotic and mad fun. This was something later acknowledged by the band themselves, explaining that they were going through a thorough love affair with the place. Their relaxed attitude towards stage invading crowd surfers had a few of the security personnel wiping sweat off their foreheads, but as the show developed, the trust developed and you really witness the kind of brotherhood this scene contains. The Godfathers of Hardcore music, in just over an hour, showed so many how it's done.

Pulling material from across their discography, there wasn't a single tune tonight which didn't have the whole place shaking. As with most Biohazard shows bedlam truly ensued with track's from the classic Urban Discipline, especially it's title track, with sections of the crowd shouting and pleading throughout to hear certain track's from it. It's a close contest, were there more riffs or crowd surfers tonight? Who knows, but both married together perfectly into a mad synchronised dance. Much in the same way Madball have with the release of a new album recently, Biohazard have set out to prove that they are still THE hardcore band to see - and watching Billy fronting the band tonight there was a fire in his eyes that has been relit. He was stomping around orchestrating every small detail and genuinely looked to be enjoying the occasion. They did have some tech issues here and there, probably not helped by so many randoms running all over the place; this along with the fact the set was cut short due to the band themselves coming on late did taint the occasion, but only slightly.

As the set neared its conclusion, Punishment kicked in and the next five minutes seemed to just implode into a blur. If there is one thing that can be said about a Biohazard show, it is the epitome of organised chaos.