Fall Out Boy - Wembley

Posted: Mon Oct 27 12:10:43 2008 by Michelle Moore

When I see Fall Out Boy singing live on television, I always think how different they sounded to CD/video, how unpolished and rugged Patrick's vocals are and it made me curious about how they would sound face-to-face. I managed to catch them when they played Wembley Arena recently and I got to experience something I'll never forget.

Most bands playing large stages use special lighting or stage props. The stage on which Fall Out Boy gave this performance was practically bare. There were a few occasions where fireworks flew and lit up the band in the darkness or the guitars were flashing, which caused roars from the crowd but that was basically it.

The lads gave a first class performance of all their favourite singles; 'Thnks Fr Th Mmrs', 'Sugar We're Going Down' and 'Dance Dance', which of course everyone did. There were a few older tracks performed such as 'Chicago Is So Two Years Ago', as well as 'Beat It' and 'Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy', which incorporated vocals from Boys Like Girls singer Martin Johnson.

Patrick Stump has very unique vocals and makes every song he sings gleam. His ruggedness that is portrayed through television was transformed into a feisty style when live. His manner of singing made me itch for more, gave me tingles under the skin and took my breath away.

Two songs that stood out for this evening's performance were 'This Ain't A Scene' for its crowd participation and aggressive fists in the air, and 'I Don't Care' as the band introduced the new album. With guitars flashing in time to the song and the crowd shouting at the top of their lungs, this was probably the best performance of the night.

Fall Out Boy gave an impressive set. The fans were encouraged to light up the venue with mobile phones, glow sticks and lighters, and it was at this point the darkness faded and I got a good look at the thousands of people who were appreciating the music as much as I was. I left this gig a very happy and entertained gal and in desperate need for the new album... unfortunately the release date has been pushed back to December. It's on my Christmas list, is it on yours?