Hailing from London, UK, Hardcore Punk unit Torchbearer are on the brink of releasing their brand new record, Solace, due out on 21st January.

As part of the build-up, the band have unveiled the brutally heavy track Never Forgive, something written as a result of tragic circumstances. Co-written by vocalist Andy and bassist Mo, the song details Mo's brother's death following police restraint in February 2021. An inquest in to Mouayed Bashir's death is due to take place in July 2022. For more check out the following links: https://linktr.ee/justice4mouayedbashir & https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-57817031

The record itself is certainly very highly anticipated at this stage, especially after previous tracks Dopesick and Frostbite were released on this campaign as well.