Following confirmation that their brand new record, Dark Heavy Metal will be released via Massacre Records on 24th February, Spanish Metal unit Dark Embrace have unveiled a brand new track, Never Seen The Sun to help whet some appetites.

Chatting about the track, the band confirmed, "This song is about egoistic people. These kinds of people that never collaborate with others but despite it, they get their goals. That's why there are a good amount of questions in the lyrics about how they got it if they never helped others. Why did you achieve your goals if you have never seen the sun? It's questioning the existence of karma.

Also to remark that for this song we filmed an amazing and dangerous video. We filmed on a beach in our homeland Galicia with winds over 100km/h. It was really crazy, but it perfectly represents the power of nature and the frustration with karma."

The full track-list for Dark Heavy Metal:

1. Dark Heavy Metal
2. Never Seen The Sun
3. Personal Hell
4. Endless Months
5. Metal Is Religion
6. Life And Legacy
7. This Is The Rain
8. Time Is Telling
9. Bitter End MMXXII

Without any further ado then, check out the brand new track below!