Following the tragic incident, which took place on 15th December 2022, there has been a continuing investigation in to the events which occurred that night at Brixton Academy. In the more recent extension of the venue's licence, it noted that there would be a further review in April 2023.

Effective 17th April, the Metropolitan Police have urged Lambeth Council to revoke the licence completely. This is a stark escalation, one which risks Brixton Academy operating as a venue moving forward. At it's core, this decision has been taken by the Metropolitan Police due to supposed non-confidence in AMG's investigation. For clarity, AMG are the venue operators.

AMG have themselves responded by stating, "we have co-operated fully with the Metropolitan Police and Lambeth Council since the tragedy at Brixton occurred. We have presented detailed proposals that we believe will enable the venue to reopen safely. AMG has been awaiting feedback on those proposals for several weeks and looks forward to hearing from the police as soon as possible in constructive terms."

The next meeting to discuss the future of the venue is scheduled to be held on 15th May.