After being forced to close its doors following tragic scenes in and around the venue at an Asake concert in December 2022, an incident which sadly seen two people lose their lives due to a series of crowd crushes, the venue have announced they're all set to once again reopen their doors.

It's been a long journey to get here. After a series of setbacks, primarily rooted around concerns raised around the general safety procedures at the venue by both the local council and Metropolitan Police, the venue have committed to a series of extensive and robust measures to attain sign-off for it's continuation of business.

Reopening on 19th April, the first planned shows are a series of tribute acts:

19th April - Nirvana UK (tribute to Nirvana) & The Smyths (tribute to The Smiths)
26th April - Definitely Mightbe (tribute to Oasis) & UK Foo Fighters (tribute to Foo Fighters)

The venue announced its reopening via a very short statement shared across social media:

"O2 Academy Brixton will reopen on Friday 19 April with Nirvana UK (tribute to Nirvana) and The Smyths (tribute to The Smiths), followed by Friday 26 April with Definitely Mightbe (tribute to Oasis) and UK Foo Fighters (tribute to Foo Fighters). Further details and ticket information at"

Beyond the initial dates, the venue have also got three further shows in the Calendar in May:

2nd May - Editors
7th May - The Black Keys
8th May - The Black Keys

Whilst it's closure was rooted in tragedy - an incident no one will forget - the sudden announcement of the venue turning things around and establishing the way for reopening is welcome news for many music fans who cherish this famous, famous, venue.