Eight years since the release of the excellent You Will Never Be One Of Us, NAILS have announced their return with trademark savagery.

The new album, Every Bridge Burning will be released via Nuclear Blast on 30th August. It will have ten tracks and we'll once again see the band and Kurt Ballou join forces as vocalist/guitarist Todd Jones spoke about, "We've recorded every album with Kurt. He's such an important ingredient as to how we present our music. When our fans want to hear Nails, they want to hear something that is through the filter of Kurt's engineering."

Full track list for the record:

1. Imposing Will
2. Punishment Map
3. Every Bridge Burning
4. Give Me The Painkiller
5. Lacking The Ability To Process Empathy
6. Trapped
7. Made Up In Your Mind
8. Dehumanized
9. I Can't Turn It Off
10. No More Rivers To Cross

Check out the opening track Imposing Will below: