Scottish radio station Beat106 will be re-branded and re-formatted as X FM from January.

The radio station, which serves Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas, currently plays music described by it's website
As "dance and new rock for central Scotland".

But from 3rd January, most of the dance, and all of the R n' B will be ditched and the music policy will mirror that of London station X FM.

This is part of a wider plan by X FM's owner GCap Media, to strengthen the X brand, as aside from changing Beat, it's digital only station Storm will also be renamed as X FM sometime in the New Year.

Earlier in the year, GCap Media won the license for Manchester, and X FM will soon be broadcasting on 97.7 FM. The company is also thought to be eyeing up a vacant regional frequency for the North East of England, which is to be advertised in the New Year.

For Glasgow and Edinburgh what this means is that the area that gives us T in the Park, T on the Fringe and is a major stopping point for any self respecting tour, will now have a radio station that is dedicated to reflecting this, and the stacks of quality music that comes from this region, and Scotland as a whole.