Following the success of 'Our Truth', which became the band's first visit to the UK top forty singles chart, Lacuna Coil have announced the details of their next release.

It is the cover of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the Silence', which is the final track on recent album 'Karmacode'.

The song, which is already becoming a live favourite, will be released in the UK on June 19th.

Before the release of the album the band told Room Thirteen how the cover came about:

"When we decided to do a cover it was particularly for the live aspect, we wanted a song which everyone would know and everyone could sing along to. We didn't really choose a song to record or to release as a single, but now it seems that everybody likes it and that it seems like a Lacuna Coil song," Christina Scabbia. Read the rest of the interview

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