Rough Trade and Babyshambles have parted company, but the rumours that the band have been dropped are said to be untrue.

According to both The Sunday Mirror and the Independent on Sunday, the label finally decided to end the deal with the band after Pete Doherty allegedly squirted a syringe of blood at MTV cameramen.

A spokesperson for the record label has told BBC 6Music that they haven't dropped Doherty, simply that the contract with he and his band has reached it's natural conclusion. They are apparently open to negotiations if Doherty wishes.

Although this doesn't seem as drastic as the press have reported, this does leave Pete Doherty without a label, as well as a manager and press officer.

To remind you as to what stage the various legal fun and games are at, Doherty is due in court on 6 June at Thames Magistrates after twice failing to show for a review of his 12-month community order on drugs charges.

The initial hearing was meant to take place on 12 April - but Doherty failed to turn up, claiming he was stranded in Paris following a gig, he then failed to appear for the following date of 12th May, again he was said to be out of the country.

If this wasn't enough, he is also currently on bail after his arrest on suspicion of administering noxious substances. He was arrested following pictures in the Sun Newspaper, which allegedly showed him injecting a substance into a female fan.