New Again In Every Way

‘New Again’ sums up Taking Back Sunday in everyway. Having to face yet another line up change since their last album, the band are undeniably new, bursting with a refreshed out look and energetic sound that is fittingly found within their latest single, the aptly titled ‘New Again’.

Brimming with pop fuelled hooks that unapologetically lay siege to your attention, ‘New Again’ is an heady mix of catchy beats woven around an infectious melody that clings stringently to a rock core that pounds throughout. With lyrics that cut deep with unmatched wit laced with irresistible charm, ‘New Again’ is quite simply lethal; a sugar-coated slab of rock that won’t take no for an answer. TBS won’t only invade your brain; they set up camp and refuse to ever leave again. This is TBS not back at their best but instead better than they have ever been. New again in every way.