Deserving Your Attention

With hints of Five Finger Death Punch’s contagious rage addled intensity spiralling brilliantly out of control alongside the determination and melodic mastery of Metallica, Revengine are a force that is uncontrollable and destined to make an impact on all that hear them. Hailing from Finland, the trio have already put out two self made demos and now comes their EP, ‘PLan Your Escape’, another self-recorded chunk of intensely energetic metal mashed with hook after hook to sink your teeth into. How these guys haven’t got a recorded deal is mind blowing…

Coming to life amid a wail of an air raid siren, ‘Given It All’ promptly introduces ‘Plan Your Escape’ with suitable pomp and ceremony as a loud fist full of rock is shoved in your face, escalating into a sing out loud chorus that is instantly appealing amid the band’s melodic fuelled metal riffs. From this the Finnish band offer a touch of Pantera-esque alluring brutality as the incredible ‘Treason’s rhythmic edge allows it to stomp angrily before things mellow out for the lighter-in-the-air ‘Live In a Moment’, erupting in a flurry of riffs and wails to excite and invigorate.

And still there is more to come from the Finnish trio as ‘Fear Me’ provides a sense of brilliance melded to head banging riffs doused in more infectiousness than an outbreak of swine flu that only relinquishes it hold for ‘Die For You’; another glimpse of the band’s softer side to great effect leaving only the party charge of ‘Turn To Stone’ to bring things to a close and undoubtedly result in mosh pits breaking out in living rooms, bedrooms and every other area in which the intoxicating energy of this track takes hold.

Forget needing a label behind you to finance and control, forget needing a dozen members to make a colossal sound; Revengine’s ‘Plan Your Escape’ shrieks and wails, shreds and pounds with more confidence, more integrity and sheer class than many larger bands being supported by labels and for this reason alone they deserve your attention. Make a note of the name, take the time to hunt out their EP and make damn sure you spread the word; Revengine are a band destined to make a name for themselves on the metal scene sooner rather than later.