Shiny hippy people!

Hailing from not too far from my good self in rural Wiltshire, Gabby Young and her band, Other Animals, are a Folk-inspired band that carve out some beautiful flowing music that has an earthy feel, but with a showmanship of cabaret dancing over the top.

The harmonies in, ‘We’re In This Together’ are smooth and comforting like a familiar blanket, as the music of guitars, banjos and fiddles majestically accompany like a band of gypsies, in tow of their hippy leader.

We have three versions of the song here, first the slightly shorter Radio Edit, then the full album version which is around two minutes longer, then the fabulous Remix that whilst the other two are stripped down and gentle, this is big and ballsy with a Jazz/Funk edge, and added echoes giving it a really big sound. It’s hard to say which I prefer, as both are at different ends of the folk spectrum. I’m not usually a fan of remixes, mainly because they bring nothing to the original, however this is different. It’s risky, is slightly eccentric, but ultimately works quite successfully.

Gabby and her band of merry men and women are something a little bit different, and whilst they may reside more in London than Wiltshire now, you cannot take the Moonraker fully out. This is a pure joy.