We are the innocent!

There is something totally random about Zebrahead. They are a band that definitely has their own sound that mixes Punk and Pop/Punk with a bit of Funk, and the odd bit of Rap. They are full off energy and great to watch live. However I’m not quite sure about the reason for this single, ‘Juggernauts’. Taken off of the band’s last album, Phoenix from 2008, the Orange County Punkers have since released an EP last year, entitled ‘Hell Yeah!’ and are now currently recording a covers album, ‘Panty Raid’, so to release a single off of your CD from two years ago seems a strange marketing plan. The band have been touring non-stop having toured with Bowling For Soup, and also headlined their own UK tour in March. They have also played my hometown of Swindon three times in the last two years which is pretty impressive.

‘Jaugernauts’ as a single is a solid enough track. Starting with up-tempo pianos and melodic guitars, we have the usual quick vocals that are halfway between singing and rapping. The chorus is a great sing-a-long one that the band once again show that they are able to write at will. My only issue is that they don’t seem to have evolved very much over the last few albums. ‘Phoenix’ as a whole was a bit same-y, and not a patch on the fantastic, ‘Broadcast To The World’ that was released in 2006.

As a band there is no one like them, and this is a good single, even if I question why the band chose not to release a newer track…?