Criminally Unsigned Magic!

Northampton trio O’Casan are one of those bands that seem to have been playing a game of hide and seek with us, however no one told us to finish counting and to come and look for them. It’s a fine example of a band that deserve to be heard. Boasting friend numbers of more than 50 on MySpace, there is a warm tongue-in-cheek humour that is heavily disguised in a more thoughtful and well-constructed song.

This single, ‘When You’re Around’ starts of slowly like a well-schooled Casanova on a first date. The gentle guitars and vocals from Nick Burns wine and dine our ears whilst he sings sweet nothings and makes us feel the most important person in the world. Then the guitars, bass and drums blast out as the band jump in for a welcomed grope, giving it a more ballsy feel sounding like a cross between Skirtbox and Relient K with a little All American Rejects. Not so much EMO as a thinking man’s Pop/Punk, this is a great single that sounds better with each play.

This week the band were voted into top spot on the Bulgarian Rock Charts which is pretty good for an unsigned band! This is the only taster that I’ve had of this band but already they have left an impression, and I can see these guys suddenly taking off in a big way in the future.