More Please

North Lincolnshire four piece Skarlett Riot might just have found the perfect formula to conquer the rock world. Taking an irresistible melody and layering it with fuzzy riffs that bleed profusely with infectious hooks, the female fronted band hit all the right spots as they unleash their blend of pure, unadulterated rock.

With the female poise and panache of Heart with just a nod to Lacuna Coil's Christina Scabbia and a heavy, helpful dose of Guns N Roses' guile and passion, Skarlett Riot bring classic rock bang up to date. Pounding and pumping with uncontrollable energy and intent, EP opener 'Party Hard' stomps and thrashes as lead singer Skarlett's vocals dance captivatingly with sharp riffs that effortlessly give way to heart stopping solos that will have even the most straight laced listener desperate to break out the air guitar. 'Read My Lips' finds the Scunthorpe band injecting some venom and bite into proceedings as Skarlett finds her inner Joan Jett, adding a fist thumping punk edge to the track as once again hook after hook is offloaded to capture all before 'You're The Enemy' muscles in on the act as it charges and stomps with vigour, brandishing a mind blowing guitar solo that leaves you stunned and begging to know how this band has gone under the radar for so long? Title track 'Villain' isn't about to bring the curtain down with a whimper though as Skarlett Riot's blend of commanding riffs, catchy hooks and magnificent melody deliver a powerful blast of raw rock to leave you breathless and desperate for more.

It's hard to believe that Skarlett Riot only became a band in the summer of 2010. This is a four piece with talent, promise and passion in abundance and one that deserves to be flying the flag for British rock. Everything you could ever truly want from a rock band neatly tied up with a bow, we can't wait see what's next for Skarlett Riot.