Bringing Rock Back To The Masses

Such has been the hype and talk surrounding the Damn Vandals that it's hard to believe that Done For Desire is actually their debut album. Commandeering attention with the release of the EP, Beautiful Mind, the four piece certainly now have the platform upon which to launch themselves from, the question is can they live up to the hype?

Wearing their influences on their sleeves, the Damn Vandals waste no time in laying out musically what they are all about. Unabashed, raw and unapologetically in your face, the Damn Vandals are all about good old fashioned ballsy rock that isn't afraid to grab you by the scruff of the neck and shake the living daylights out of you, all whilst treating your ears to a blast of rock that stomps, pounds and snarls about everything from religion to politics and sheer everyday lunacy. Revolution/Rehearsal literally kicks things off as the deeply captivating vocals of Jack Kansas form a mighty arsenal alongside hook rife riffs, bone crunching beats and a bass that will all but shatter your spine. It's dirty, its dark and it is brilliantly brimming with raw passion that instantly makes you feel alive. As Seen On TV somehow manages to up the ante with a blues filled riff that stamps and stomps amongst a beat that immediately has fists pumping as Kansas' punk tinged vocals impart their lyric fuelled wisdom making for an undisputed rock anthem that just needs a festival field to conquer. Not everything about the Damn Vandals is fast and furious though, tales of Jesus kissing an angel come to life with the grunge tinged blues of Sex It Narcissus that bristles with a sensual cynicism that is beaten only by the fuzz frenzy of Trouble With Jesus in all it's intoxicating groove laced glory. Put simply Done For Desire doesn't have a weak track; each stomps and snarls with attitude, producing one infectious blast of beats after another, neatly tied to a barrage of riffs that easily go hand in hand with Kansas' gruff, dark vocals that weave a spell, drawing you further into the Damn Vandals' world.

The Damn Vandals are the shot in the arm that the indie rock scene has been begging for, the kick in the backside that will truly make a stir. Forget about sticking to the tried and tested formulas or the paint by numbers bands that have hogged the limelight for far too long, the Damn Vandals are pure rock, a band that make you believe once again that this is really all about the music and not fitting in with the in crowd as yet another scene kid. Forget the hype, the Damn Vandals have surpassed it, rock is most definitely back and there are some new kids in town about to shake things well and truly up.