All About The Music

Bournemouth three piece The Sabres don't fit any given mould. With influences ranging from The Wildhearts to Bad Religion, from Foo Fighters and Metallica to The Offspring and Rage Against The Machine, the British trio appear to pluck little bits of everything from all the rock greats and make them their own, concocting a vibrant cocktail that just begs to be unleashed from the speakers.

Heavy, hook laden guitars and foot tapping beats may be prominent throughout the majority of the tracks on debut album, Escaping Extinction but nestled within each is a certain little something extra that makes the song leap out at you. From the onslaught of rushing riffs that belt out the entrance of opening track CCTV in all its infectious, chant along glory through to the guitar solo of Quiet Space that starts out life almost as a grumpy, anger filled punk fuelled teenager chugging and stomping around but suddenly bursts out a barrage of rioting riffs in a Metallica laced homage that bizarrely alters what the song started life out as but in such a way you'll be scratching your head and wondering just why more bands don't have the courage to try it. The Sabres are certainly not afraid to experiment with their sound but at the heart of everything is uncompromised rock that refuses to pretend to be something else, instead letting the deluge of riffs, fist pounding beats and pummelling bass lines do all the talking, not forgetting the added bonus of vocals that effortlessly steer each track. Casualty Of Mind is a master class in classic rock, an in-your-face heady rush of riffs and beats that seem to take on a life of their own before the laid back, chilled out vibe of St. Serenity sweeps in to ease things in its own unique hook heavy, catchy style. After such a whirlwind of an album it seems slightly strange that The Sabres debut closes with the mellow, acoustic driven Last Thing On My Mind but for a band that don't adhere to what the norm is, who have gone their own route and seem unaffected by what every other band is currently trying to grab your attention with, it comes as a welcome change and a fitting close to their first full length effort.

The Sabres aren't like many other bands touting for your listening time at the moment. Sure, rock is at their core and their influences do shine through but this is not a band trying to imitate other acts or a band who are looking to throw gimmicks at you with the hope that something sticks; no this is a band who are letting their music lead their way and if you take nothing else from Escaping Extinction at the very least you will have listened to a band whose love for the music is evident above everything else. It might sound cheesy but god, what a refreshing change to have a band that put the music first, well done lads.