Austrailia's Best kept secret

Personally I don't care who makes the music as long as it's good but right or wrong, rock music is still very much a male domain with female bands being very few and far between. Those who do push their way to the top seem to have a harder fight on their hands than their male counterparts having to prove their worth even more. Luckily for Melbourne trio Valentiine they seem to have attitude oozing out of their pores and you get the impression that if forced to, they could leave hulking rockers a quivering wreck in their wake and with a UK tour taking place now in support of their self-titled debut album, it's time for us pommes to find out just how hard these girls can rock.

Brimming with angst and anger, album opener Love Like struts in with an arrogance and confidence that demands your attention as a teasing riff chugs its way into your brain alongside dirty, grunge fused hooks to render you powerless to Valentiine's allure. Within a couple of lines the trio are solemnly telling how "I will break your bones if you try to leave me" which doesn't exactly scream traditional love song but suits the three piece to a t and sums up their style, attitude and entire being perfectly. These girls aren't going to pander to anyone, they do what they want and to hell with the consequences, an attitude that plays out throughout the album making for an exciting bout of change that is always welcome. Current single, Chucky is a tongue in cheek look at the 'morning after' hangover complete with a blues meets pop hook that shows the fun side of the band although playing the track full blast might not be the best hangover cure regardless of how catchy the guitars and drums might sound. From here Valentiine takes on a Hole-esque form as Birthday unleashes enticing grunge fuelled guitars alongside snotty, defiant laced vocals that somehow manage to capture the whole 90s rock vibe whilst still managing to sound fresh and new before Hates Me cranks up the heavy quota with a rage fuelled blast of pure smouldering rock throwing out angry riffs, punishing beats and vocals that sneer and wail superbly.

Being the band's debut album, not everything is perfect but that is to be expected. Never Forget seems to drag slightly and perhaps the whole 90s rock vibe won't be to everyone's liking but when tracks like Animal and Kick It stampede their way through bursting with aggression and rock heavy riffs, the slight niggles just slide to the background.

Rock shouldn't be about gender and Valentiine prove this. Guys or girls it doesn't matter Valentiine are just a band who have made a debut album to be proud of. Fingers crossed this won't be the last time we see them on these shores as this is a band who shouldn't just remain an Australian secret.