Everything On One Album

Having released their debut album Gears to critical acclaim, King Washington are back with their second offering, an album that is sure to make your ears perk up with excitement. From the layered harmonies that weave amongst melodies that soothe and excite with equal measure, The Overload welcomes you in like and old friend, destined to make any summers day complete.

Title track The Overload gets things underway, gently easing you into the realm of the LA four piece before unleashing an explosive chorus bursting with infectiousness and vigour. Managing to marry the old with the new with great effect, King Washington have cleverly managed to take the nostalgic shine of the 60s, taking hints from The Beach Boys and The Beatles before weaving in hints of the 70s curtesy of The Eagles and Bowie. Not content to pinch from the past, they have added their own touches, injecting enough of their own contemporary influences to make everything come together seamlessly and side stepping repetitiveness effortlessly. Like an old friend but with a shiny new wrapper, The Overloadis an album to ease away the stresses of the day to as well as party the night away with , the latter most notably in the form of the almost pop fuelled bounce of If You Wanna Get High and the all out rock stomp of lead single, Don't You Expect My Love that will leave you out of breathe as you attempt to sing along whilst dancing manically around the room simultaneously. Perhaps the stand out track of the album though which originally was only earmarked as a b side for the debut single (a release in its own right is surely on the cards). Luckily for us though it managed to claim its place on the album as On Highway 9 all but begs to take away the hassles of the day with its raw, vintage soulfulness that comes to life via an acoustic guitar that holds its own against the haunting splendour of electric riffs to make sure every taste is catered for.

Some try to replicate the past merely for the sake of nostalgia but for King Washington they are not trying to churn out what you have heard before, instead they have taken the music they love as a base and built their own unique sound around it. Part folk, part rock, part blues, part pop, part just about every genre going, King Washington cover it all and with their second album, they have presented a collection of songs to relish, to rock out to and above all else, to enjoy.